FDNY Operations Center – Brooklyn, New York

In the wake of 9/11, McCann Systems helped create and equip the FDOC with the most advanced AV technology available to first responders. Today, the FDOC has an unprecedented range of capabilities to monitor communications and direct NYC’s fire and EMS activities 24/7.


Human Resource Administration – New York, New York

A 6’ x 13’ video wall is the backbone of this New York based network operations command center. The 2 x 4 configuration of 50” Synelec LM 1000-50 cubes allows 8 discrete feeds to be displayed simultaneously across the wall, as well as using all 8 cubes as one large pixel space in critical presentations.


Command Centers & Network Operation Centers

Command Centers and Network Operations Centers are one of the most demanding and critical areas of a corporation. They are the hub of a corporation’s network monitoring and distribution of information. They provide centralized command for a specific purpose. Command Centers are often thought of as the central nervous system of any corporate infrastructure, managing mission critical data that is vital to the company. These command centers must provide data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of operation requires reliable, durable, and easily serviceable audiovisual equipment.